What Have You Never Done That You Could Do Tomorrow?

Another shot at a lost opportunity? A hobby or activity you always wanted to do? Something you have always wanted to learn? Today we look at taking the opportunity to address some of the things we wish we could have done…. that essentially, we can still do.


Well, the decision to commit to something like this is a self-motivating and uplifting experience in itself. Not only that, this is also a conversation piece I’m sure we’ve all been a part of or heard at some stage in our lives. I have experienced this quite frequently when I would play or mention I played the guitar. I would often hear -

“I’ve always wanted to learn guitar, I even bought one. I just never got around to doing anything with it”

Why not?

The common reasons were due to time constraints brought about by work, family or simply the passion to learn faded over time.

But when I hear “I’ve always wanted to…”, I can’t help but understand that this ‘want’ is still present and will more than likely be carried forward into the future too.

So, if starting this goal is something that can be achieved tomorrow, or in the very immediate future with little cost, why don’t we?

Well, it is obviously less effort to choose not to and it saves us adding something else to our plate, fair enough. But if this is something we really want to do and we feel it will bring us benefit and happiness yet we choose not to commit to it, what are we choosing to do instead?

I feel that not doing it can be a lost opportunity to discover something in ourselves we are yet to find out about. This can be likened to being a child and taking those first steps onto the field for our first game of cricket or football, discovering space, dinosaurs or jet aircraft and all things that open our eyes to new experiences.

Yes, that’s right. These things still exist and as far as I know, evoke those same feelings of motivation and excitement, no matter what age you are. At times, we obviously may not have the same freedom of time we had when we were children, but we do have some and this time could occasionally be spent bringing new experiences into our lives, or giving our life-long ‘wants’ a go.

Whether it’s something small like a movie you never got around to watching, trying your hand at painting, or checking out a live game of sport you’ve never seen, these will all bring a fresh experience into your life. The best thing is this time of year generally affords us a few extra hours of spare time to consider doing this. So, what have you never done that you could do tomorrow?

Take care.


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