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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

So, it may be a no-brainer to say that ‘health’ is extremely important to one’s well-being. Its definition being ‘a person’s physical or mental condition’ is enough to stress how crucial health is to everyday existence. We may not necessarily consider this fully until our health tips towards the ‘bad’ end of the scale as ‘good’ health tends to afford us the privilege of not having to.

The link between mental health and physical health has also been well documented and well enough for me to refrain from rattling off a load of statistics here. A simple Google search will support this.

In regards to physical health, I’ve had a personal experience quite recently that I thought I'd share. This happened when a simple trip for a check-up at the doctor revealed that I needed to immediately reduce my sugar and carbohydrate intake. Although not critical, I was told it was something that could pose a problem later on if not addressed. This came as quite a shock as I thought I was eating fairly well albeit indulging in some take-away or treats on the weekend. Anyway, this was certainly an example of not considering my health until I had to.

On getting this news, I had to become mindful of what I was consuming via a ‘food intake diary’ which I found quite tedious, but obviously this allowed the doctor to pinpoint areas in which I needed to work on. Now, everything I consume has to go through a thorough audit of nutritional benefit, or more so, nutritional harm before I can consider eating it. Again, this was difficult as old favourites now became enemies of the state (of my health) and new favourites had to be found.

Consequently, not only did I feel my physical health start to improve from doing this, but the once tedious auditing activity has now become a positive act of mindfulness. My driving force has now changed from something I will do to get healthy, to something I do to stay or be healthy.

Another point I found important in this process was my doctor’s concern and commitment to my health. This in turn drove my commitment to myself as I now knew it was something that I didn’t have to face alone. Although he helped devise the plan of action for me to take, he also iterated that it was only me who could do the work.

Whilst this example was a focus on physical aspects of health, it also taught me a lot about mental health too as well as other aspects of life in which health can be a measurement (See all of AHRLEE). These all require a level acknowledgement and mindfulness, are things you do not have to face alone and subsequently, require a level of personal commitment and action to improve. These steps to change can be seen as daunting from the outside, but I would consider it as much like any other training or pre-requisite to achieve a goal like winning a sporting tournament or earning a qualification. I think it would be safe to assume though that achieving personal physical and mental health would be considered a pretty high-quality trophy.

If you think visiting AHRLEE Counselling would be a benefit to helping you achieve your mental or physical health goals, feel free to contact me to book an appointment.

Take care.


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