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Art, Life, Existence - Podcast

As a creative artist myself, I acknowledge the value and benefits that creating art has given and keeps giving to my life. When needed or wanted, I also incorporate creating art into my counselling sessions. Creating art for me has been a valuable ally in dealing with distress whilst also being something I can enjoy and learn from. Knowing many talented artists throughout the world, I decided to develop this podcast and talk to them about their art and what creating art means to their lives. It is hoped that these conversations will encourage listeners to engage, re-engage or continue to engage in creative pursuits whilst also being introduced to new ideas we can apply to everyday life.


If you are an artist and would like to appear on 'Art, Life, Existence', please contact Greg at to express your interest.  

SE1 - EP2 -Paris Alexander (UK)

Relatives working on 'Sgt Pepper's...', pinching names, technology in music and when to say 'stop!'
Just some of the things I discussed with Paris Alexander Music from Blue Door Music Productions on the latest episode of 'Art, Life, Existence'. For full links to the artist's projects, please visit the host page -

SE1 - EP1 - Eleanor X (USA)

TW - Suicide CW  - Minimal coarse language

This podcast episode features my interview with multi-medium artist Eleanor X, focusing specifically on her music projects Gold Chamber, Lower Savage and The New Arctic. For full links to the artists projects, please visit the host page -