Creative Artist Support

Having spent 25 years as a creative artist, most of these as an original musician, I have been exposed to and involved in many parts of the creative arts industry here and overseas. This has included performing, touring, event organisation, mentoring, PR, networking and much more. Working or participating in this industry can be extremely tough at times and can often provide little reward in comparison to the effort artists put into their work. Artists above all, generally do what they do because they love doing it and sometimes, this love can be negatively affected by outside elements. 

My love for art and artists has led me to offer Creative Artist Support services for those who may want support whilst following their artistic journey. I understand that being involved in the arts as a creative can sometimes be lonely and seeking support often involves venturing outside of the industry where the context of your experience may be lost to others. With Creative Artist Support Sessions at AHRLEE Counselling, I am here to offer you any support you may need, including but not limited to - 


- Mental Health Support

- Managing Mental Health

- Overcoming blocks/stuck-points

- Someone to bounce ideas off

- Marketing strategies

- Self-esteem/Self-belief

- Performance/project/product anxiety    

These sessions can be held face-to-face or via Zoom.

Call Greg on 0481 291 132 or email for enquiries/bookings

You can also check out my podcast 'Art, Life, Existence' where I interview creative artists from around the world and talk about their artistic process and what art means to their lives here. 

Artist at His Studio
Actors on Stage